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Learn How To:

  • Eliminate Credit Card Debt On Your Own And Without A Costly Lawyer
  • Defend And Win Credit Card Lawsuits
  • End Creditor Harassment By Learning How To Deal With Those Nasty Debt Collectors
  • Legally Clean Up And Improve Your Credit Report And Credit Score
  • Use Credit Cards To Save Money
  • Sue Credit Counselors, Debt Consolidators And Credit Repair Organizations
  • Get Your Financial Life Back In Order, Plan For Retirement, And Follow The True Ways To Wealth
  • Get Equal Access To The Law And Break The Cycle Of Living In Debt Slavery

What Is Fight Back?

Fight Back! is an easy to understand DVD designed to help you Fight Back! against credit card debt. Attorney Neil E. Colmenares guides you through the process of eliminating credit card debt on your own and without the need of a costly lawyer. This DVD condenses thousands of pages of dull text and years of legal experience into a few short, easy to understand concepts and action plans. No controversial shortcuts or tricks, just proven legal and common sense techniques presented in a simple to understand guide that can be applied in most situations that holders of credit card debt find themselves in. Every example is backed by proven legal and common sense techniques that allow you to benefit from existing law — not be a victim of it.

Be One Of The Lucky Few Who Have Learned The Legal Techniques To Fight Back! Against Credit Card Debt

Fight Back! is broken down into simple chapters and explains common situations that people with credit card debt find themselves in. Just watch Fight Back! and decide which situation applies to you! All the forms, letters and templates you will need are included so you can Fight Back! against credit card debt on your own without a lawyer!

Lawyers Charge Over Ten Thousand Dollars In Legal Fees To Use The Information Contained In Fight Back!


What Fight Back! Is Not

Fight Back! Is Not Confusing, Time Consuming Or Long. There are no 80 hours of compact discs to listen to, no 800 page instruction manual to follow and no invasive software to install on your computer that spies on your every move.

Using only this DVD and accompanying materials, Attorney Neil E. Colmenares explains in a straight forward, no nonsense manner how you can use proven legal techniques available to fight credit card debt, break the cycle of living in debt slavery and get your financial life back in order all in under 90 minutes!


Why You Should Own Fight Back!

If You Have Credit Card Debt, You Can’t Afford Not To Own This DVD! Did you know if you have a $10,000.00 credit card balance with an 18% interest rate, by making the minimum monthly payment of $250 it would take you over 25 years to be rid of your debt! In that time you will have paid not just the $10,000 principal balance, but you will have paid $13,370 in interest. This in nothing short of living in debt slavery!

Last 100 People Who Ordered Would Recommend Fight Back! To A Family Member Or Friend

Financial Strain Is A Leading Cause Of Divorce! Debt can have both a physical and emotional effect that can negatively affect your health. This is no way to live life! Imagine how you would feel if you did not have to worry about credit card debt. You can spend time on the things that are important to you such as your family and friends. Moreover, since Social Security Is Not Enough To Retire On And Fewer Employers Are Offering Pensions, the only person you can look to in your retirement is you. Using the techniques in this DVD will allow you to start saving for your retirement. Piece Of Mind Is Priceless!

By using the proven legal and common sense techniques explained in this DVD, you are Guaranteed To Eliminate Credit Card Debt Or Your Money Back! It does not matter if you owe $100 or $100,000 or in which State you live, the techniques to eliminate credit card debt are the same.


Why Fight Back! Is Different From Other “Debt Elimination” Books

For starters, Fight Back! is not a book. Who has time to read a boring book? If your in debt you need to act now. Unlike most “Debt Elimination” programs, Fight Back! is a DVD presented by legendary Attorney Neil E. Colmenares who explains proven debt elimination techniques in a clear, easy to understand fashion.

The DVD Is New, The Desire To Help Good People Is Not

Most debt elimination programs prey on the financially vulnerable with unrealistic promises that are either Too Good To Be True or flat out illegal. In Fight Back!, there are no magic claims such as “convert your debt into income,” “eliminate all your debt in 30 days,” “buy a million dollar home, an Italian sports car and pay all your debt in 5 years with the money you are currently earning.”

Remember the old saying, “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Most “Debt Elimination” programs:

  1. Are extremely long, boring and lure you in with the promise of getting rich quick and make promises that are unrealistic.
  2. Make you read hundreds of pages and listen to several hours of hype before getting to the point.
  3. Leave you wondering what to do.
  4. Suggest using “Unconventional” and “Controversial” methods (which could land you in jail).
  5. Makes readers feel cheated.

Here is a typical claim in most Debt Elimination and Management programs. You decide if this is too good to be true.

“Eliminate all your interest payments on your credit cards and become a millionaire at the same time!”

How? After reading hundreds of pages of fluff and hype the author finally tells you to borrow money from a family member who will not charge you interest so you can pay off the credit card debt. Since the debt is now paid off, there are no longer interest payments to make. Then, with the amount of interest saved over 20 years and invested in a high interest stock you can become a millionaire!

How would you feel after buying a typical debt elimination book, spending your precious time reading it and finding out this is what you have purchased? Most people would feel cheated not to mention their credit card debt continues to accrue a high rate of interest.

Moreover, none of those debt elimination programs are written by an experienced lawyer. Just some shady self proclaimed “expert” who has probably served time in jail for fraud with no proven track record of legally eliminating credit card debt.

As A Bonus, Attorney Colmenares Exposes Several “To Good To Be True” Offers And Lets You Decide If They Are Honest.


Watch Our Sample Videos To See What You Will Learn In Fight Back!


To Understand Why Fight Back! Is So Good,

Debt Consolidation

Learn how to Eliminate Credit Card Debt now!

Just Look Who It’s By

Personal Note From Attorney Neil E. Colmenares

After years of representing clients in the fight against credit card debt I quickly realized that most people couldn’t afford the outrageous interest rates charged by the credit card companies. The credit industry puts people in an endless cycle of paying interest and late fees to the point where they are slaves to their credit card debt. For Many, Life Becomes A Vicious Cycle Of Making Minimum Monthly Payments With No Hope Of Ever Paying Off Their Credit Cards. This Is No Way To Live!

The Inspiration for Fight Back Was You!

The fact is most people who have credit card debt are good people going through tough times. Did you know it is illegal for you to charge someone the same amount of interest the credit card companies charge you! The credit card lobby pays millions of dollars to Washington politicians to keep their stranglehold over people like you.

Lets face facts, you are always better off with a lawyer representing you. However, the hard truth is Most People With Credit Card Debt Cannot Afford To Hire A Lawyer. Lawyers are expensive! Moreover, the irony is the cost to hire a lawyer to negotiate debt or defend a credit card lawsuit can be the same or higher than paying the debt itself? The credit card companies are well aware of this irony and have it made it work to their advantage until now! With Fight Back!, you finally have the tools needed to eliminate credit card debt.

After spending years explaining the same methods of fighting credit card debt to countless clients having to charge them my normal hourly rate, I realized there was a better way to help. I decided to create Fight Back! The Information in Fight Back! Is The Culmination Of Years Of Experience Representing People With Credit Card Debt. If I were not a lawyer, I would buy Fight Back! The cost of Fight Back! is a fraction of what most lawyers would charge for an hour of their time (not to mention how much they would charge to represent you). I hope this DVD will help you as it has helped so many others.


How Much Does Fight Back! Cost?

Although there are no programs quite like this on the market, other programs which do not cover half of what we do sell from $3,000 to $5,000. When we asked other lawyers how much they felt we should charge for Fight Back!, the response was between $5,000 to $10,000.

Most lawyers will charge up to $2,500 before they will agree to take your case and then you can end up spending over $10,000 in legal fees when all is said and done. Most credit card debt consolidation companies charge an up front fee of $1,000 plus a percentage of the amount you owe which can easily add up to several thousands of dollars.

Fight Back! is now available at the low price of:

NOT for $799

And NOT for $599

NOT EVEN for $399

Only $79.95

(While This Limited Time Offer Lasts)

and comes with our

Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

You’re saving $320 Dollars!

The price will soon go up to $399.95. Those who have Fight Back! know it is worth every penny. People have paid as much as $10,000 in legal fees to learn the information in Fight Back!


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When You Order Fight Back! You Will Receive:

Fight Back!

The Ultimate DVD Guide To Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Over 50 Printed Pages Packed With Information

Includes sample letters, forms, and legal responses to credit card lawsuits.

2 Free Bonus Gifts!

*Bonus 1: 10 Step Action Plan

This handy chart gives you a 10 Step Action Plan to tackle credit card debt on your own without the need of a lawyer.

*Bonus 2: 20 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Lawyer

This useful resource is for those who are unsure if they should hire a lawyer. By asking and getting firm answers to these 20 Questions, you will be able to decide if it is worth hiring a lawyer. If it is, you can keep the lawyer honest by making them follow the steps in Fight Back! so they do not bill you thousands of dollars working on techniques that do not work. A $200 value!

Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

If during the next 30 days, you can honestly say Fight Back! wasn’t the most informative guide to eliminate credit card debt you have ever seen, simply return Fight Back! for a full refund (minus s&p). It’s that simple. Keep Both Bonus Gifts (10 Step Action Plan & 20 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Lawyer — A $200 Value), As Our Gift To You Just For Trying Fight Back!


Stop Living In Debt Slavery And Get Your Financial Life Back In Order! You Have Nothing To Lose Other Than Credit Card Debt. Supplies Are Limited So Order Now!





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